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Coconut Cooking Oil is a pure coconut oil obtained from refined, bleached with bleacing earth, activated carbon and further deodorized by steam.

Coco Republic cooking oil can be used many more times compared to other types of oil, so it is more efficient. It is more stable at high temperatures.


Studies show that coconut oil may raise the levels of the “good” HDL cholesterol, relative to total cholesterol, potentially decreasing the risk of heart disease.

Coco Republic Coconut Cooking Oil - 18.0L X (1 JERRYCAN)

SKU: 26012
  • Shelf Life: 24 months

    Country of Origin: Indonesia

    Storage: Store in normal room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Tends to solidify below 24'C

    Packaging: Jerry Can

    Each Unit: 18.0L

    Dimensions per jerry can: H:369 x W:240 x L:290 x V:61mm; 18.0L

    Contains 100% Coconut Oil, No preservatives, No artificial Flavoring, No artificial coloring and Cholesterol Free.
    Free Fatty Acid (As Lauric Acid)

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